On Style and the Muse

In On Style on February 28, 2012 at 10:28 pm

Style is not just in the way you dress. Style is in your personality, your characteristics, your choice of attire, and in your mannerisms. Style may be in interpreting the spring/summer collection brights and incorporating white jeans into your wardrobe with a nod to the trend this spring 2012. Style may be deciding to wear one blouse in 30 different ways in a month, or to not repeat any article of clothing for an entire month. Style may be in the way you say hello, or in the way you sign your receipt. “Style”, is open to interpretation.

As an image consultant, I have learnt that there are three components of image – ABC: appearance, behavior, and communication. And I plan on studying each of these in my muses.

At themuseflash, I plan to muse about a muse-of-the-month each month in the upcoming year. I may choose a character from entertainment, a friend who you know, or someone who has always influenced me – my muse will be someone I find inspirational, creative, and stylish. Inspiration is a necessary part of life, and I have been writing about it here since the very beginning. Inspiration is what leads people to explore, achieve, and reach for more.

I was inspired by a dark brown chocolate truffle (mint flavor) to dress in those colors the next day – have you ever tried wearing a white shirt, brown trousers with a mint colored scarf or mint heels? They’re beautiful together. Emma Pillsbury of Glee inspires me to find a way to incorporate details which use bows and bright colors, and Addison Forbes Montgomery of Private Practice inspired me to wear more printed dresses. Inspiration can be found anywhere – in food, in art, on the street, on television, in your friends – you just have to keep your eyes open.

For the rest of the year, we’ll talk to inspiring people about what inspires them. Although January and February have just whooshed by before I realized it, the year is still new – there is much to achieve and always room for growth. Somewhere, somehow, I hope my muses will inspire you the way they influence me.

It’s going to be a great year!


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