On Introducing Miss Soumya Parker

In On Muse-of-the-Month, On Style on March 1, 2012 at 5:30 pm

I had wanted to become a cardiologist since I watched my father perform his 100th angioplasty; I’d been watching him since before I could walk. When I was studying medicine, I always had my family for advice and help. In fashion, I’ve had to find my own way. Sometime during my first year of fashion school, I decided I was going to be cleverer in both, my writing and speech. References to television, designers, styles, and fashion eras were going to come with ease. Tim Gunn, Anna Wintour, the writers in TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, scriptwriters, Carrie Bradshaw – these were my inspirations. And well, even though I didn’t realize it until recently, there was also one Soumya Parker.

Witty. Quick. Talented. Beautiful. Intelligent. Sexy. Crazy about shoes. Poised. The best friend you can ask for because she’s there for you no matter what. A firm believer in “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Many may know her as Som, Soumie, and/or Parker – we’ll be talking about this Quirky Muse in detail this month.

AKG @themuseflash presents the first muse-of-the-month ever, Miss Soumya Parker.


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