On We’ll Miss You, Miss Parker

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On where Miss Parker finds inspiration:
“I can’t honestly pin point any more! It’s not like college where I was always on the look out for something. These days just about anything gets me – going from simple thing like a doodle, to good typography poster, to quotes to even a good recipe!”

What does a typical day in Soumya Parker’s day look like?
Everyday is something new. I am either running out to do some errand or the other for my parents, working on some stuff for them, filling out forms for Soven. Sometimes I do a bit of drawing or painting. I have discovered a new love for baking – so at least once a week I try out something new! And weekends are spent with friends.”

If you had the opportunity to go on an adventure, where would you go – or what would you do?
“To be very honest, I don’t think I am too adventurous. Through out the whole Rishikesh trip I was scared beyond reason (imagine a person who doesn’t even know how to swim being plunged into the rapids of the Ganges!) And when I went to Leh, I will not lie to you I thought I was on my deathbed. That is until they discovered that I had turned blue and was given oxygen – felt much better after that. But nonetheless, I do love to travel. I love visiting new places and learning something about them! I would love, love, love to travel extensively, both across India and abroad! And what I would do once I reach these places? That’s simple. I would eat!!! And then I would go shop like a maniac!

Describe your dream vacation.
“I have grown up in North India – so my parent’s idea of a summer getaway, was to head to the hills. And although I like the hills, I have come to realize that I actually have an inexplicable love for the sea/ocean. Having never seen a beach before in my life, when I went to kerala the sight of one took my breath away! So any dream vacation will have to be on a beach or an island (not that I know how to swim or anything – nor do I have the figure for a bikini. It’s just the sights and the sound! I love it!) Sitting under a giant umbrella with a giant glass of something yummy to drink (non-alcoholic, I have sworn off it! They just make me sick) and a great book (no vacation is complete without a book!). I think I should add here that I would like to go on this vacation with the people I love. I don’t think I can manage a holiday on my own. I’d probably get lost and stranded on an island!

What are your favorite fabrics?
“Silks in winter, for example gorgeous raw silk kurtas. And in the summer, the thinest pure cotton I can find.”

Quirky Muse, Soumya Parker

A heartfelt thank you, and goodbye to my Quirky Muse, Miss Soumya Parker. We'll miss you!
(Picture put together by Alka Narayan, BFOM)

A note from my Quirky Muse, Miss Soumya Parker

“Anu, You can’t imagine how incredibly touched I am! It is very rare for anybody to have the privilege of knowing how their friends perceive them. One only learns about how people view them in passing, and even then it is never this articulately put! And I dont think you realize what a big deal it is for me. Because when you write these posts I don’t just get to hear about your view of me. People like Alka, Tinu, Neha, Kohli all call me and say “Oh, my god! Did you read what Anu wrote? It’s sooooo sweet, and sooo true!” I consider myself honored to have friends like you in my life and please know that I am sooo sooo sooo touched that you are doing this whole muse of the month thing!”

“You know doing this whole thing with you has really cleared up my head! It’s really strange but it’s all organized in my head now. I thought I just pulled stuff out of the cupboard and didn’t really consciously dress a certain way. But then when I started answering your questions, it got me thinking that I was always working around certain parameters and my choice of clothes always reflected that. Little things like the material of what I wore, the places I would visit during the day, and its appropriateness.”

I’m beyond thrilled we could do this for you Soumya, and we will miss you being our muse.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being my inspiration.

Hugs, & Love,

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