On my Original Muse

In On Muse-of-the-Month, On Style on August 1, 2012 at 4:33 pm

The muse is back! And this month, I feel inspired by my original muse, my first muse. Her unimitable style stands out in a sea of people, always. I consistently see this woman wearing something that’s unique, and distinctly styled.

Though I’m sure this wasn’t the first time I actually saw Bhargavaa, my first memory of her is in this pale yellow (or was it white?) dress. Somewhere around August 7, 2007, I presume? She was saying she absolutely could not exit the classroom because she knew she was too well dressed for her birthday week – that could potentially be problematic with seniors, in front of whom most freshmen would rather remain relatively invisible.

Though this memory is vague, I remember my first reaction was the furthest from affinity. Still – somehow, and I honestly think our friendship was simply meant to be, we were best friends by Diwali that year – and have remained so ever since.

Ms. Bhargava’s ideal day? A swim in the morning, followed by a shopping spree with a yummy lunch – then she’d like to relax with a nice head/shoulder massage, and a pedicure to seal it off. I laughed at this, mostly because minus the swim, our birthday weeks and other special days were invariably filled with these activities. Sometimes we added in a movie.

I’ve learned a lot from her poised personality over the years.

“If you believe in yourself, you’re one up on confidence already – even if you think you’ll have to fake it this time!”

~Meha Bhargava

I feel incredibly excited to present my August muse, the original muse, Meha Bhargava.

Meha Bhargava "the original muse"

Meha Bhargava, “the original muse”


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