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On Dancing Fingers

In On Nails on November 6, 2011 at 8:00 pm


This Chicago inspired Chanel video got me thinking about the huge industry that surrounds nail color. There are blogs for nail polish fanatics with details about colors, types, seasons, product, etc. There are hundreds of manicure techniques, style tips for occasions and seasons, niche brands, and even trade shows. Nails have a life of their own.

Personally, the rows of bottles to pick from at the salon, or at the store for a DIY manicure are a delight. Choosing one, however, definitely causes issues for me. There is so much choice! OPI, OPI for Sephora, butter, Essie, Sally Hensen, NARS…the list is endless, and that is just the brands. I’ve had a different color on every finger trying to choose “The One” a countless number of times. I felt inspired to try something new this time around. This month, I’m wearing “Keep Me On My Mistletoes” (Sephora by OPI). It’s silvery with a touch of gold, and just a touch of shimmer (shimmer, not glitter).

Anyway, back to the advertisement.

The House of Chanel brings the glamour of theatre to nails in true off-beat Chanel style. Fingers, emulating legs, are dancing on a mirrored stage. They are seen sashaying up and down steps and spiraling stairs, swinging on strands of chains and pearls (because a Chanel video is incomplete without pearls) in true musical fashion. Chanel attaches a personality to each of the colors, where Dragon, Black Pearl, Inattendu, and Orange Fizz are like the divas of Moulin Rouge. The line up of chorus girls is made up by Blue Satin, Pearl Drop, Rouge Noir, etc.

They made me consider what colors I might wear later this fall. Though I may not immediately splurge for a Chanel nail color, I’m definitely inspired. My favorites are the Dragon, the Black Pearl, and the Orange Fizz. They sound like so much fun don’t they?

Lastly, I’d like to point out that the brilliant Chanel minds got really talented hand models to move so that consumers can see how the nail color moves and see it in different lights and angles. How will a still picture advertisement ever be enough again?!


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